Vendor Store Link Doesn't Show Logo In Social Media Posts

Not sure if anyone else has faced this in Multi Vendor. Our vendors are often promoting their store on social media by posting their vendor store link. When they post it the default image isn't their logo on their store, but rather in a zoomed in image of the marketplace logo.

Does anyone know how to default it so Social Media platforms fetch the Vendor Logo when linking to a vendor store in CS-Cart Multi Vendor?

See attached image...


Maybe because it is still under the umbrella of when it is a subdirectory. What if the shop is a subdomain like with its own favicon if it will make a difference?

Is this possible? When vendors create their own store in CS-Cart Multi Vendor can we have it automatically create them a sub-domain for their store?

I don't use Multi Vendor so I don't know. You can test this theory by manually setting the subdomain to see if it will fix this issue.