Vendor Panel Product Currency

When using multi-vendor ultimate, how can I change the vendor admin panel so the vendors can enter a product price in their local currency? At the moment, it seems they have to do a manual conversion from the default currency to show the correct price on their local storefront.

eg. If the base currency is USD

How can I have the UK vendors enter GBP in the vendor admin panel so that the correct GBP price shows on the UK storefront?

A UK vendor seems to have to convert back from GBP to USD and then enter the USD amount in the UK vendor admin panel - so the correct GBP shows on the storefront.

Ideally, I would like the UK vendor to be able to enter GBP pricing in their UK vendor admin panel, and AUS vendors to be able to enter AUD pricing in their AUS vendor admin panel etc. But it seems they have to convert from the base currency.

Is this possible?

many thanks in advance

Unfortunately, it is not possible out of the box. There modules on the marketplace which allow to specify prices in non-primary currencies. Try to check them

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Many thanks for your help.

I found an add-on which works nicely.

Wishing you a great 2023!

why don’t you just share your solution, addon name, so others can learn about it and save time.

I didn’t share the precise add-on I found as I still had this customised for my specific needs.

You can certainly check out the cs-cart marketplace - I searched for “currencies” and various options present themselves.

From here - reach out to the developers who own the add-on and ask any questions specific to your needs.

If you are really interested in our specific solution … check out the following link - however again, we did customise this to better suit our needs.