Vendor panel problem

hello cs-cart community,

I am trying to use this url, and it gives me error; index.php?

it’ when vendor pays for the marketplace fee(from vendor’s administrator account), which is fill-up link from the message. what kind of error?

it’s like fn_print_die(’ shipping’);

checking everything and I can’t find what causing this error. does anybody has seen the same error? how to find what is causing this error?

thanks in advance.


Can you provide the full address to see this error? Or take a screenshot.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. sorry, I can’t provide full url, it’s on my local computer. but screen shot i made, again, not sure how does it gives you idea.

Don’t you have DEBUG mode turned on? check it.

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At first try to check the following file


It should not contain any debug code. If it does not help, please start from disable 3rd party modules one by one

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