Vendor Panel - Active Products

On the Vendor Panel (Multi-Vendor v4.16.2) the total of “active products” does NOT match with what the vendor actually has. For example, one of my vendors has 59 products but the Vendor Panel shows 2,023
Any ideas?

May be you use variations and this statistic takes into account all variations as separate items?

There can be more reasons why this might happening:

  • Not all products are approved

  • Products do not have stock and products without stock might be hidden in settings

  • Products might not be available for all the user groups

  • Products might also be variants and this can cause the difference

None of the products have variations. Each one is a stand-alone product. All products are approved and available for all users, only a small number have no products probably under ten products.

In this case it is required to examine the issue directly on your server. Most possibly some tables in the DB related with products have garbage. It can affect search results