Vendor Names Are Not Translatable?


I have noticed that vendor names are not translatable, if you switch the vendor profile to another language and translate it, it will replace for all languages. Is there a workaround for this ? This is really disappointing because names will never be the same in Arabic & English.



There is no easy way to make Vendor names translatable out of the box. Code changes are required

If a user's language preference matches the translation languages you've added, they'll see the translated version of your app. You can also add localized graphic assets for your store listing pages.


I have the same issue, really a pain. How do you translate the vendors plan titles, they do not appear if you search for them under Administration, Text &Languages then Edit text, and they are not active either when you try onsite Edit on site. Also the language switcher does not appear under Vendors then vendors plan for version 4.14.1 SP1...see thsi video here:

Please let me know if there is a work around this. Thank you

There is a way around fcat very simple. in blue line you have option to change admin lanquage. Go to plans chage in blue line languge to canadian. Give new names to planns , save, then swich to english. You will see old names under english