Vendor Information Block


As the marketplace admin, I am trying to add a button/link on vendor storefront called ‘Vendor Information/About Vendor’

Ideally, I would like it so that it doesn’t display the vendor’s description on their storefront and when the link is clicked on, it will take the customer to the separate page showing the company’s/vendor’s details such as contact details and vendor description.

At the moment, I am only able to add the ‘vendor information’ block on the store front, which permanently shows the description of the vendor on the storefront unless I change the block’s wrapper as a One Click DropDown, which when clicked on, it will display the description in a way that I do not want. It’s only when I click on the name of the vendor that is displayed within the block, it will then take me to the separate page. Is there a way to hide the vendor description from showing on the storefront and only have the ‘About’ Text displayed, which when clicked on, it will direct customers to its vendor information page?

Any advice is always appreciated


You can create a block HTML block with Smarty support with the following content:

<span><a href="{"companies.view?company_id=`$company_id`"|fn_url}">About vendor</a></span>

and add it to the Vendor store layout page.

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Thanks for the info. This has helped and it works!