Vendor - Common Products


Common products:

1. Best offer must be in top and other offers in tabs.

2. Show discount on common products


This requires programming work.

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common product really bad. stay away at this time.

There are a lot of problems with common products.

1. If there are no offers if you check the page you can't find any message with unavailable for the moment or something like that

2. Best offer must be seen like an actual product

3. Other offers -> you can not change what fields to display (maybe you don't need logo, links, etc. to the vendor)

I have a big list here :)

Same here, i agree your list. But i told a lot time here and ticket, they skip common product improve advices. Dont use this addon right now, and if anyone want to buy mve plus for common product, dont buy, addon not ready for stable use

Also you can check here