Vendor Commission Must Exclude Sales Tax Or Vat

I am socked that there are others raised this concern but CS-cart team never considered this...

This not only makes no sense in some jurisdictions would be illegal..

Only government entities can collect tax, if you are charging commission on sales tax or VAT, you are essentially collecting tax..

This would also be hard for vendors to swallow..might make them upset.

There is already a checkbox to exclude shipping, just add one more box for tax, I don't understand why this has not been implemented.. :confused:

Tax shoud be allocated in full the the vendor by default and removed from the commissionable amount.

As an aside, who receives the taxes collected for payment should be an option since many merchants in MVE environments are the seller of record meaning they are ultimately responsible if the tax is not paid by the vendor. This varies country by country and state by state so it really should be an optional setting.

12ka4, it is serious issue since it makes your business illegal. Try to post it to the bug tracker

It already is:

Question has two sides:

1. Must commission be collected from Offer Value, FV (OF + Taxes) or FOV (FV + shipping if we act as an Escrow service).

2. Should we add VAT to our own commission when invoice is issued.

Hi there - did CS Cart ever fix this? If so can you advise where the setting is?


Please check

[+] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Vendor plans: The setting that allows to exclude taxes from commission calculation was added.