Vendor bulk products deletion issue


I imported 38.000 vendor products and they went in the wrong place, they are attached to non existing category and they can’t be found on website even if all products are active. So I want it to delete whole vendor products , as a result I deleted the vendor because I see no other option to bulk delete all vendor products. Is it normal for the process to take 1 hour ? I can see the speed is around 60-70 products per second. What will happen if while the process is running I restart the server /restart php , will it go on with products deletion after reboot ? I ask this because the vendor name is gone from vendor’s list ,if the deletion process stops , I will be stuck with thousands of products hidden somewhere.

I just tested, I would be stuck with those products hidden. Luckily I restored DB and deleted the vendor again.

Its not mentioned on file section vendor area (is empty) but its present and selected on import map field.

Is there anyway that somebody knows to deleted all vendor products very fast ? I have one vendor with 135.000 products and deletion process its taking 19 hours based on deletion speed which is 2 products deleted per second. Maybe some database SQL command that will delete all specific vendor’s products ?

I also dont understand why such a low speed on a 12 cores CPU server, 64GB RAM and nVME drives + InnoDB db engine.


You can do this with a truncate table and it will be much faster.

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If I would knew how to do it…


We will prepare simple addon for fast delete products and add send link to download it.

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That will be great, waiting for it !


Sorry for my mistake. Truncate table we can use it when you want to delete all products from the marketplace/store. If you want to do it only for one vendor, there is no other way.

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Its also good if we can select a specific category or is it for all store products ? Even for all marketplace/store, can you share that ?

@soft-solid can you share the addon to delete all products from the marketplace/store ?

@CS-Cart_team is there any way to delete vendor products via ssh command or via admin area but to actually work ? I have a vendor with 500K products which I need to delete, based on my calculations it will take 5 days to complete the task using vendor delete option but even so it stops after certain time and vendor name is gone while products are still there and I need to restore the backup DB. I need a fast deletion method that works even for all store products, if not possible for one vendor I rather delete all store products and import them all over again. Very annoying issue, incredible long tine to delete thousands of products.

Is this solution still working to bulk delete all products ? deleting all products but not Categories. - #23 by richardfmm

Where can i find this addon to download it Remove Products — CS-Cart marketplace-addons documentation ?

I urgently need to delete all the vendor products or if not possible to delete all the products from the store from all vendors. After I tried to delete all vendor products my website its a total mess with thousands of products with to category/vendor. That’s caused by the very long time to do such task for 500k products, it would have taken 5 days for this task and nginx timeout stopped the job with 504 nginx error. I need to delete all my store products (700.000 products) very fast like in a few seconds/minutes. Is there any way to delete them directly from database ? I can simply delete cscart_products table and all detailed and thumbnails folders, will that remove all the products ? What other DB tables do I need to delete beside cscart_products ?


How to delete all store products for all vendors directly from database ? What tables should be deleted ? I have over 700.000 products which I need to be deleted in seconds. I tried to delete them using delete vendor/category option but the process stopped and the category /vendor names are gone and I’m left with almost all products with no category or vendor.

Products required to be deleted from the dynamic content blocks:
bm_blocks_content table, where object_type = product
bm_block_statuses table

Product files should be removed from product_files table, product_file_descriptions and var/downloads folder. The product_file_folders and product_file_folder_descriptions tables.

The following categories can be truncated:

Images links from the images_links table, where object_type = product. Also images/detailed folder and images/thumbnails

The options related tables:

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