Vendor admin name as a variable in vendor notifications

We use the “new email template style” and vendors not allowed to have multiple vendor admin users (only one vendor admin for each vendor)
Is it possible to use the vendor admin first name as a variable in the vendor notification codes?

I am afraid, this is not possible since one vendor can have multiple admin accounts

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In our marketplace he can’t
Anyway, I understand this field can’t be variable on the new email template style
Thank you for answering

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Can I use the vendor’s name as a variable on the vendor notifications?
Unfortunately, in the marketplace admin notification the vendor’s name is displayed and in the vendor notification the marketplace name is displayed.
And this even though the same code is implemented on both notifications.
{% if order_info.firstname %}{{__(“hello_name”, {“[name]” : company_name})}} {% else %} {{ __(“hello”) }}, {{ __(“customer”) }} {% endif %}
Thank you :pray:

Try to disable Settings → E-mails → Send vendor emails from marketplace email addresses

Thank you for reply.
This setting is not related to a variable in the notification code, But rather to the sender email account. However, I tried it and got an SMTP error (SendAsDenied) means that the marketplace admin email account not allowed to send as vendor email account

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In this case try to use