Vendor Accounting


I need some modification for vendor accounting. I notice some problems with it

The order must not appear in accouting until it has been declared completed or paid.


we need to implement a system in which we collect all payments from customers.( by cc by COD etc) and then transfer the amounts to the sellers' accounts on a predefined date. for example 15 of the month or 30 of the month.

We will issue them the invoice for the payment of the commission for the established period

for example for sales of 100 euro in 1-15 octomber we send them on 15.10.2020 all 100 euro and the invoice for 10 euro( comision) separately


We have a similar problem.
The vendor panel shows how much the vendor will receive, while the marketplace admin panel shows how much commission we will receive. This is good, but at the end of the month we can’t see how much we need to send to the sellers’ bank account. We need to calculate this manually or we need to go into each seller’s panel separately and look at it.

We should also be able to invoice each vendor for the amount of commission we charge them.

If we can find an add-on that can do these things, that’s fine too.