Vendor account charged for order

MVE 16.2

Customer has paid for order however the vendor also has a debt created and is getting suspension warnings. I am not sure if this is a bug or a set-up issue? The only thing different from previous orders is I created them a “shipped” status so after it is paid they can add that status when they fill out the detailed shipment details. I set it up as follows. Is this the problem or is it a bug I should report?

Unfortunately there is not enough information to draw any conclusions. Is the Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments add-on being used? What are the settings of the vendor plan to which this vendor is assigned? What is the payment method used in the order, is it real-time with a processor or is it offline? Etc. Please provide as much detail as possible to make any assumptions.

No Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments is not being used stripe connect payments is.

In this case the vendor is the marketplace. There is no commission or plan fee.

The payment was via stripe and was successful.
There is no transaction created for the order, however
The withdrwal was (successfull and automatically) created in accounting.

All order status are per standard configuration, except the shipped transaction I created as discussed in OP

Seems like this issue needs to be examined directly in your installation. Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.

I did contact the helpdesk and they are asking for money. Despite me flagging it as a bug, and that it was an account that I created under the direction of the helpdesk when I had a subscription (because I thought there should be a default vendor account for the marketplace operator).

It’s vendor number 6 … I think it’s a bug. The vendor is on a no subscription no commison plan but has a growing debt.

Thanks for the reply.

In order for an issue to be considered a bug, there must be a way to reproduce the issue in the default installation, and precise steps for doing so.

Investigating this issue directly in your installation will definitely require an active Customer Care subscription, as there are no steps provided to reproduce the issue.

I hope this explains the situation.