VAT rates multiple choices product page

It is there any feature option to choose different VAT values depending on the product that a vendor is selling?
For example there are products that have different VAT rates.
For example selling food has let say vat rate 9%, selling clothes has VAT rate 19%, selling books has 5%. and the same seller (in one country) is selling all of these. How we do in this case?
Would be good to have an option to set up the VAT rates and display on product page something like in the image bellow, and to be a default value which is used most. Could be a default value per vendor

Vendors do always have a choice to define which taxes apply to their products.

Unless I misunderstood your case - if I did, please clarify what kind of effect do you want to achieve.

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Where you can set/add multiple VAT rates to display as you mentioned?
I can see just you can add one /per country/zone

I found, I was expecting to add once VAT and set up VAT rate using " * Tax rates" TAB to mention multiple value. I had to add multiple records for VAT