VAT not showing in QB export file


For some reason when I try to export my orders into Quickbooks all transactions appear as non-taxable, however, I need to have VAT applied to my sales.

I already went to “Shipping and Taxes–>Taxes” and created a VAT entry (price includes tax is also enabled), and once that was setup I clicked “Apply selected taxes to all products”.

The export file shows a “N” under the “Taxable” field both for the product description:

DESC PURCHASEDESC ACCNT ASSETACCNT COGSACCNT PRICE COST TAXABLE Batteria HP Pavilion dv6560el Batteria HP Pavilion dv6560el Sales:Product Inventory Asset Cost of Goods Sold 49.99 0 N

And for the transaction:

!TRNS TRNSTYPE DATE ACCNT NAME CLASS AMOUNT DOCNUM MEMO ADDR1 ADDR2 ADDR3 ADDR4 !SPL TRNSTYPE DATE ACCNT NAME CLASS AMOUNT DOCNUM MEMO PRICE QNTY INVITEM TAXABLE !ENDTRNS TRNS INVOICE 2/11/2012 Accounts Receivable Customer Name Website:Retail 49.99 10052 Website Order: Customer Name Address Address SPL INVOICE 2/11/2012 Sales:Product Customer Name Website:Retail -49.99 10052 Batteria HP Pavilion dv6560el 49.99 -1 411462-4593 N

Am I missing something?