Variations: How Are You Handling Your Google Merchant Feed

First, let me say I am relatively new to CS-Cart and am in trial mode.

If you have product variations in CS-Cart, are you feeding those variations into your Google Merchant center, and if you are, how?

1) The problem I see so far, and I cannot find a good answer in the forums, is that when I test the Google Feed, it looks to me that the product variations don't even show up in the export.

2) In addition, my understanding is the feed requires a GTIN, and in the past, we have always used UPC for all of our products and variations...I don not even see a way to tie UPC to specific variations

3) Also, I need to a product URL for the variations...are those available? Even if it points back to the master or parent product?

Are there any work-around you might recommend?

Thank you,


You need to create option combinations for them to show as separate products.

Thank you for the help. For a particular product I have created 4 different combinations for a product and verified they are displaying correctly on the site with radio buttons to select the variant/combo.

However, when I download my Google feed, only the "base" product is in the feed and the combinations are this case they are different colors, each color with a distinct Model Number, UPC, etc.

To clarify the above statement....the are distinct products...In my feed, I need to show a UPC and product URL for each of the variations.

I feel like I am completely missing or not understanding something. I must because I haven't even found issues on the forum that are like this, but I would think it would be a common problem for users.

For a product line like mine, I have over 300 products that are variations...each of the variations are distinct products with their own UPC...which I need for my Google Feed.

And different Product code, correct. If so, each unique product code should go into the Google Export.

You need to map the Google Export GTIN feature to whatever field you are using to store what you're referring to as the UPC. As I said above, Google dropped UPC a few years ago in favor of GTIN.

UPC is a form a GTIN. I understand what you are saying, but I cannot figure out how to map this feature field to a variation/combination. I know how to do it to the main product, but not the created combinations.

Ok, this might work a little better:

Here the GTIN was automatically created as a feature when I added the Google export addon

See the variation after I built the combinations:

No where to add the GTIN at the variant level. So, here's the export and you will see these variations do not show