Variations all of a sudden disappeared


We used to have a list of products with different variations and prices. Now of a sudden the variations disappeared on the product, even though it used to be there. As a result there’s no option of customer to select anymore.

See screenshot please help!

Have you disbanded them in admin maybe ?

we havent disbanded them. you can see on the screenshot it is all under the same variation. not sure wht it just disappeared

Product variations cannot disappear without a reason, it’s not something that happens in CS-Cart. Have you taken any unusual action recently? Upgrading your store, upgrading add-ons, moving to the different server, tampering with the database?

We recently upgraded an SEO add-on. Could this perhaps have had an effect?

Is there an easy way to extract the variations from an old backup of the database, to be able to easily upload them again in a .csv?

You can restore the backup in the separate dev installation and export product variations from that one installation. Product variations can be exported and imported:

I don’t think upgrading SEO can do something like that. I’d suggest restoring variations as per @CS-Cart_team instructions first. Then, we can think about what could cause this issue.