Variation sorting logic nonsense


sorting of variations has no sense.
Take a look at screenshot please.

I don’t think that’s a bug. How do you want the system to know that 1 TB is higher that 500 GB?


we need something there in the backend. Probably the old good CS POS option, or anykind manual a), b), c) , d) or 1), 2) , 3)

POS is the best option to have some logical sorting. Because when you look now customer has to sort and we need customer to buy not do the job on site!

The default sort is by product code, but the customer can click on any column header to sort by that column. Custom sorting is not applicable for this table.


this makes sense to me, but not for me as a seller or customer.

Customer should have products displayed perfectly so an option to sort them in the backend should be available in a position style or the sorting by somekind input field
because 1,10,100 will be probalby sorted other way.

Please consider implementing some logical feature because cs cart is selling software and it should sell the right , best way

customer can sort later anyway he wishes using the filters