Variant Images Selected Glitch

Hi All

I have an issue with product variant images, when a variant is selected multiple images are highlighted and marked as selected

I've attached an image and here is a link to the issue

I assume its a javascript glitch, the images selected have the same 1st number for the identifier.

So when "det_img_variant_image_63_1_2" is selected

"det_img_variant_image_63_1_200" and "det_img_variant_image_63_1_201" are also set as 'selected'

Same happens with number 1 also highlighting '196' and '197'.

Visual effect
[attachment=13502:ikon variant glitch.png]

Switch in source code

[attachment=13503:ikon variant glitch 2.png]

Any suggestions ??



ikon variant glitch.png

ikon variant glitch 2.png

Have you fixed the issue? I failed to reproduce it in Chrome

Hi, no it isn't fixed

The highlight is barely visible (as it doesn't work properly!), just tested in in Chrome and the same result as firefox.


it is displayed for me in the following way

Try to clear browser cache

Hi, if you look at it closely the light grey and the marine blue are also highlighted in your screen shot, thats the issue I'm having with it?

The CSS on it is deliberately soft to not highlight the issue to clients, this is a live site

If you click Blue it then also highlights anthracite and deep red, click between the two red and blue and you will see it appearing on the other blocks



I see the issue now. It is required to examine it on your server


I've resolved this but the bug isn't fixed. I'm pretty certain it's due to the ID on the first couple of variants being 1 and 2, then picking up others starting 1 or 2 (197, 198 201, 200 etc)

So to get round it I've deleted the variants and added them back in, which of course has changed the ID's, so now they are say 208, 209...

I expect if you added lots of variants and eventually got to 2090 then the problem might occur again, but it's an unlikely scenario and not an issue for me.