Vape King V2

Vape King V2 On 4.3.1 the speed is soo much better :)

I also took peoples opinions on the last one where less is more

what you guys think

Well done! Looks good and clean.

Speed is indeed much better. Can you improve it some more?

I personally find the slide down effect of the slider a bit too distraction. I think its best to let people to go straight for your products instead of being distracted.

The 'shop now' banners are only clickable on the right text, but it would be more intuitive if the whole banner is clickable.

Are you using the CS-Cart best-sellers function or an addon? This page takes 12 seconds and 2MB to load for me.

On the FAQ page, consider to increase the speed the expand the answer. The user has to wait too long and people are impatient.

Are you using an integration for livechatinc? It fits right into your website. Very nice.

Will you add a ticketing system?

What are you using for your live search? It works very nicely.

Please note that Our brands link on the bottom refers to 404 page

Cant get it to work :( The brands page.

Make sure that the Brand feature is created and there is the Brands filter which uses this feature. Check filter ID in the admin panel and just change the filter ID parameter in the Our brands URL