Valid HTML when using attachments

I’m trying to find the code that displays the attachments for each product.

The code used does not validate (this will be fixed by cs cart in 2.0.9).

The error says that

“An entity reference was found in the document, but there is no reference by that name defined. Often this is caused by misspelling the reference name, unencoded ampersands, or by leaving off the trailing semicolon (;). The most common cause of this error is unencoded ampersands in URLs as described by the WDG in Ampersands in URLs.”

When I view source:

FRSpecification Sheet (FR.pdf, 820 Kb) [Download]

I thought at first that the tpl was skins/skin/customer/addons/attachments/hooks/products/
but it does NOT seem to be the right file as no changes appear on the site.

Anyone help?

In file



{$file.description} ({$file.filename}, {$file.filesize|formatfilesize}) [{$}]


{$file.description} ({$file.filename}, {$file.filesize|formatfilesize}) [{$}]

The only way we found to modify the code was to switch on Customisation Mode in admin, go to a product with an attachement and modify the code using the editor there.
Modifying the file using Dreamweaver, CS Carts Template Editor or notepad does not work.

Does anyone know why?