v4 scheme.less not recompiling

Hi, I'm trying out the trial version of cs-cart at the moment to see if it fulfils our needs. I've noticed lots of the styling is in LESS which I really like.

I've been editing the files perfectly fine, everything updates no caching issues.


editing scheme.less

I've changed line 146 which contained the colour variables.

I've changed it to


@links: #000000;

Then I went into “/var/cache/misc/statics/design/themes/basic/css” removed all the cached css files.

Rebuilt the cache via the link in the backend.

A new css file was produced.

However it still contains the old value of @links

Not a browser caching issue as I'm physically looking at the content of the css file from a text editor on the server.

Any suggestions to why the scheme.less isn't affecting the generated css would be much appreciated.

I have exactly the same problem on v4.0.3 -

  1. update scheme.less
  2. empty cache
  3. reload page = still original CSS

Whenever I'm making changes to my store I set Rebuild Cache Automatically to On. Much easier than having to remember to clear the cache by hand and wondering whether it worked or not.

Always works 100% for me with all files. However some people here have said it doesn't for them…

I had the same issue, and it drove me nuts. But in the end, the solution was logical. Depending on what theme you're using, there's further customizations that overwrite scheme.less CSS settings. Check the /presets/data/ folder (for example /design/themes/classyshop/presets/data/satori.less) and find the theme preset .less files.

To find out which .less file you have to edit:

  1. Change CSS in satori.less, upload file
  2. delete /var/cache/
  3. Reload website to trigger recompiled .css
  4. check css file to see if your change shows up