V4 phpinfo

Anyone know where they've hidden the link to a phpinfo() call in V4? Used to be a link in the logs screen. Was convenient to have it available from admin.

Administration->Database->PHP information

Edit: It is showing in Logs screen as well

Hmm… Not on my system. Just the 3 tabs for backup/restore/maintenance.

Strange, now it shows up in the settings menu on the logs screen. It didn't before.

Not sure I like all these unlabeled buttons around that hide menus…

Hi Tony,

  1. Add “?debug” (or “&debug”) parameter to your URL, being logged to admin area.
  2. Click on the bug icon on the top right.
  3. Select the Server menu in the left sidebar.

Something simple for merchants might be:


Just a thought. Wadiing through several menu layers is painful and I know for me, I won't remember to add the 'debug' parameter to enable things…

Hey Tony…

CTRL+ALT+D to fire up the dashboard. (Then CTRL+ALT+C to clear the cache…this is almost so good, I might even throw away my mouse. Almost.)


We ended up creating a phpinfo file and placing it at the same folder of the store. Thus we can check it via www.example_store.com/phpinfo.php

Our file phpinfo.php is as simple as that:




Hope that helps somebody.

It's a pitty not to have a link in the admin area to check it, as it was for versions 3.0.x and under.


Security issue. You are advertising what all your internal PHP settings are (including version) to anyone who wants to look at it. At least name it something obscure.

Administration -Logs - click the cog thingy top right