V4. Countries Are Displayed In French Even When Website Is In English


Just noticed an embarrassing detail.

When a customer from UK wants to order, he must choose his country for ordering and also to calculate freight cost.

But, even when the customer choose english language on the website, the country list is displayed in French in “calculate freighcost”. As the name of countries are very different in French, mu customers can(t finalize their orders.

Please, help me to display countries list in language chosen by the visitor.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards


any idea folks ?

no reply :-(

Maybe my explanation were not clear enough…

The list of countries are always displayed in French → (FRANCE, ALLEMAGNE, ROYAUME UNIS, etc.)

Even when a customer choose english language in the storefront of my website.

I need the list of countries to be displayed in the language choosen by visitors. Example for english language in the storefront the list should be displayed like that : (FRANCE, GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, etc.) .

Is it a bug or can i modify it in my back office ?

Many thanks in advance

what version Leon, mine is fine in v3.06 maybe a bug if you are using a new version

check with help desk