V4 Auto Mailer addon now available from EZ Merchant Solutions

EZ Merchant Solutions announces our latest V3/V4 addon EZ Auto Mailer. This is a port of our V2/V3 version of Auto Mailer (still supported) with support for multiple stores as well as the addition of a 'preview mode' for queued emails. Sadly, we cannot provide this as a free upgrade as is our normal practice. The extent of development necessary to “port” to V4 is too extensive for us to absorb that cost.

This addon allows you to send what are known as transactional emails based on specific events being encountered. Most commonly, this is used to send a follow-up email to a customer who has purchased something at some point in the future. For example, you might send an email to everyone who purchases from your site 3 days after their order asking them to please post a review of the products they purchased (with links to the products). This is what the sample event and template does.

There is a complete admin interface consisting of a management page that lists the current events to be triggered as well as pages to view email that is to be sent as well as emails that have already been sent. You can create events from a fixed list of actions which are pre-defined triggers. Currently, the actions for orders are:[list]

[]One or more of a certain product was purchased.

]Total order amount greater than some value

[]A particular payment method was used.

]All orders placed.


There is an action setup for a new user registration too but it only has the new event associated with it. You can use this to send an additional welcome message offering new customers a special offer.

Templates can be associated with an event. Data is provided to the templates based on the type of event encountered. I.e. order info for order events and user info for profile events. Templates do have a naming format, but other than that are fully customizable. .Multiple languages are supported so if your customer purchases in Romanian, they can get their emails sent to them in Romanian too if you’ve provided the translation. Otherwise, the templates will fall back to English.

The general features are:[list]

[]Fully event driven and prioritized.

]Highest priority event that meets the event conditions will win.

[]Events are fully customizable and can be named to suit your needs.

]CC email addresses can be associated with events.

[]Days in the future to send the email can be specified per event

]Supports event status so events can be turned on and off (Active/Disabled).

[]View emails queued to be sent

]View emails that have already been sent

[]"Run the queue” at admin login or via cron job or via manual link.

]Templates are fully customizable.

[]Fully supported

]Free bug fixes and feature enhancements

[*]Automatic updates when new versions are available


Note that multiple languages are supported (default English)

Product details: www.ez-ms.com/auto-mail.html

Documentation: auto_mail.pdf

Screen shots are available in the documentation.

Compatibility of versions and addons from EZ Merchant Solutions can be found at: our Compatibility Table.

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I will absolutely purchase the upgrade when I upgrade to v4. I will also purchase your other addons. You make great products!


I would like to use the auto mailer to send an e-mail to a customer after x days if the orderstatus is still “pending”. So if an order has not been shipped after 10 days I would like to send an predefined e-mail to the customer. Is this possible with the auto mailer?

Also, I have a 5 licences, but I only use 2 (3 stores are currently inactive). Can I buy the 4.x.x. version with ULT-2 storefronts?

I'm assuming your “Pending” status is one you've added and therefore is set by an admin manaully.

If this is the case then yes, it will do exactly what you want.

You would:[list=1]

[]copy an existing auto_mail template to a new name of like 'pending_order_notice.tpl' and 'pending_order_notice_subj.tpl'.

]Set up a new 'event' for the 'Pending" status

[]Set the time to delay the send of the email to the number of days you want to delay (in your case 10)

]Name the event something recognizable to you.


That's it.

Yes as long as there are only 2 storefronts “Active” it should be okay on the licensing side. But if you got to a 3rd, it could disable the entire addon because the number of storefronts in use is greater than what's licensed. Cs-cart did not provide any provisions for managing licenses based on number of storefronts (I.e. won't activate for more than 'N').

I've used this in my v2.2.5 store for years and it's been very effective… Just purchased the v4 update

Will this work with abandoned carts to send an email asking them to return and order?

Is there any way to define new actions?


No. 90% of abandoned carts do not have any contact info.

It deals with orders (order place, order amount, product(s), category(s), etc.) and with profile creation.

In our experience, abandoned carts should just be considered lost sales and the merchant should find out the root cause for why a customer goes to the effort of adding a product to their cart and then goes away. The best diagnostic you can get is to reach out with a personal contact (not a form email) and try to find out why they left. Then go resolve that issue.

Have been using auto-mailer for a while now and it meets our needs well.

Just one question, is it possible to bcc rather than cc? I can't seem to find a way to do this and am keen to be notified when emails are sent without the recipient seeing my email address.


Not currently. We'd be happy to add this functionality if you'd like to be a beta test client. Please go to [url=“https://ez-ms.com/contac-us.html”]https://ez-ms.com/contact-us.html[/url] and drop us a note and we'll contact you to make arrangements. It would be a global option for any emails being generated by auto-mailer.

And alternatively, you could purchase our email logging addon that will allow you to BCC every email sent from your cs-cart site in addition to adding a log entry for whom the email was sent to and what the subject line was.

its work with new cs-cart template ?

EZ Auto Mail now works with version 4.10.x. It really has nothing to do with the templates. It uses the old style mailing methods and all the templates are in the design/backend/mail structure. So not clear what you mean asking if it works with new cs-cart template.