V4.18.1 issues/queries

I’ve upgraded my dev store to v4.18.1 and have noticed a few anomalies and I’m not sure if it’s just my store doing this.

  1. In the admin panel, when I create an order and save it, the customer details and address are moved to the bottom of the page instead of staying on the right side - https://snipboard.io/wI7R3X.jpg
    When I create or edit the order, it all shows up correctly - https://snipboard.io/KHuOpR.jpg

  2. When I edit the order and enter a different delivery address, the fields for the name seem to have been removed? - https://snipboard.io/KVgEtW.jpg
    Not sure why CS-Cart removed this as I’m sure a lot of companies do ship direct to the end-user so they need to add a different name. It looks like this was removed before v4.18.1 as the issue is also present on v4.17.2.

  3. We have UniTheme 2 installed. Since upgrading to v4.18.1, when I click on marketing and then banners, instead of showing me the banners it just opens a submenu for UniTheme 2 banners. So I can get to the UniTheme 2 banners but I can’t get to the normal banners directly, unless I click on the submenu then change the search type from “AB: UniTheme 2: Advanced Banner” to “All” and then click search.

  4. I’m not sure if this is UniTheme 2 or CS-Cart causing this issue but on the frontend, when we are making an order and try to change the shipping address, there is no button to save the changes - https://snipboard.io/AY7Lj4.jpg

  5. I’ve noticed the emphasis seems to be delivery address then invoice address. On previous versions, it was always the other way around, with invoice address first then delivery address. Is there a way to swap it around?

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  1. If a product has a variation, such as a different colour, the price and order code don’t change when a different option is selected until the page is refreshed (this happens on the frontend).
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Anyone know how to fix any of these?

could be related to the Uni them, maybe ask there too