v4.0.1 - "Customize Theme" not available to sub-storefront owner?

I've created an administrator for my sub-storefront (“Acme”). When logged-in to the admin as the Acme administrator, I can see the “Customize Theme” button (under Design/Themes), but when I click on it, the Acme storefront loads without the customization interface.

Is this normal? It seems like a storefront owner should be allowed to do this.



Hello Glen,

I've checked it. I gave the sub-admin all Look and Feel privileges but no result. You are right, it seems like a storefront administrator can't customize a theme. .

I think it is the CS-cart idea to allow only the root administrator to make theme changes and probably there is some sense in it.

Anyway, it's better to contact CS-cart support to learn if they plan to include this privilege or not.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hi Alt-Team,

Thanks for confirming this behavior. I'll submit a bug report. If the sub-admin is not permitted to operate the “Customize Theme” function, then they shouldn't see that button. Although, I'd prefer that they are allowed such permissions.


This is a confirmed bug and will be fixed in the next version. Code change is available here: