V3 Mailchimp addon now available

EZ Merchant Solutions would like to announce availability of our popular Mailchimp Integration add-on for V3. Existing V2 licensees should have received an email with the V3 archive. If you are a V2 licensee and did NOT receive the email and archive, please contact us at suppXXort@ez-msXX.com (remove X's).

Product documentation for Mailchimp Integration can be viewed at


And the product details page is located at:

Mailchimp Integration

There have been a couple of small bug fixes applied and the LIST will not capture/contain the language code of the user so it will make it easier on Mailchimp.com to provide emails in different languages using their SEGMENT data.

Hi again,

Basically the same question as for the Auto-mail. Does it work well with Ultimate and multiple stores? So can there be separate signup forms and subscribe upon checkout to separate lists in Mailchimp?

None of my addons work with Ultimate currently. There is not enough support in cs-cart currently for proper licensing. We are working with cs-cart but have no idea when they will be able to deliver. Ultimate is quite a different beast than Pro and since there's no way to say this domain is okay and this one is not, our only choice at this point would be to license based on the number of domains and if the Ultimate configuration exceeded that to disable on all domains.

This doesn't seem right or fair. Hence we are simply not going to support Ultimate until it's a viable product for addon developers and after they get more of the bugs worked out.

So for now, it's only available on V3 PRO.

Hi Tony,

Thanks again for updating this module to v3+, hoping you will do this with more of your add-ons.

One thing I have noticed is this add-on no longer self updates like it did in V2 versions. When I signed into admin it used to let me know it was on the latest version or updated etc, now it no longer does.

Is there something else I need to do to get this back?


Hmm, it should. Send me an email with your URL and I'll check the logs to see if you're contacting my server for license/version check. There have been no updates.

Hey Tony,

We are moving to cs ultimate for our shops soon and I would love to continue using your mailchimp (and other) add-ons. Any chance you will be offering this anytime soon?

I understand you are afraid of licensing stuff, but maybe you can do something like seonid did with their installer: it simply checks the domains and installs the add-ons you bought from them for those shops.

Thanks - Flo

The issue is licensing and lack of internal support within cs-cart.

Here's the scenario I'm concerned with:

Merchant purchases 2 mailchimp addon licenses for 2 of the stores within their ultimate configuration.

Merchant has 10 stores in their ultimate config.

There is no fundamental support within cs-cart to identify which of those sites are licensed (enabled) for the “all stores” admin operations. I can handle each individual store (customer view) within the addons (though it's a lot of work to do so and should also be part of the core cart). However, the “all stores” admin environment has no ability to do “A” for one set of stores and nothing for others.

This s a fundamental oversight in the architecture of Ultimate. I spent weeks discussing this with cs-cart (the normal one message a day back and forth forever) and had reached a solution/agreement but then as usual, someone else got involved and they ended up saying they wouldn't do it and I should post it in User Voice. Right… that will get a lot of votes.

The other issue is the pending merge of the Editions. Since no one know what they're going to really do in V3.1, I have not interest in investing in products for V3.0 only to have all that time wasted in V3.1 (I.e. throw-away).

So once they communicate the changes in V3.1 (at a technical level) or generate the release and allow for the time to learn what they did in usual fashion (digging through their code) then sometime in about the 3.1.3 time frame I might be able to produce something stable.

Sorry I'm complaining, but I'm finding they could really care less about addon developers real needs and would rather simply have people utilize their custom development team. But do note that their ability to license to a specific number of ultimate storefronts has been in place from the beginning!

I'm about ready to move on… I'm finding them harder and harder to work with.

That's really too bad. I'll have to think of something else then…

Yes it is too bad that they assumed that all addons should be applied to all stores in an ultimate configuration. Bad assumption.

As an addon developer, I'm then faced with two choices:

  1. Take a bath on sites greater than say 2 (I.e. don't get paid for those sites)
  2. Charge an appropriate amount so that all the smaller guys end up paying for all the larger ones.

    Neither am I willing to do.

$79? wow…

[quote name='Roto' timestamp='1368372479' post='161667']

$79? wow…


Quality add on with quality support, I use it every day, worth every penny…

I think @roto assumes that it is only newsletter integration that the addon supplies. I'm guessing he's not read the documentation or has no desire to use Mailchimp segmentation for sending targeted emails.

For his beneift, here's a brief list of some of the features[list]

[]Initial export of users to specified list

]Initial export of customers to specified list

[]Initial export of orders (segmentation)

]Ability to assign the purchase of an item from a category to a specified list (per category)

[]Ability to assign the purchase of a product to a specified list (per product)

]Send “Segmentation” info related to every order (assuming user opts-in) so you can do things lke "send this email to all users who purchased XYZ and ABC within the prior 3 months.

[*]And then of course there's the standard newsletter block (V2 and V3 styles).


@tbirnseth, let me know if you someday have a good discount for this addon. I'm very interested

[quote name='Roto' timestamp='1371448929' post='163754']

@tbirnseth, let me know if you someday have a good discount for this addon. I'm very interested


It's $69.99…

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’ timestamp=‘1371458955’ post=‘163759’]

It’s $69.99…


the message is for the OP, not for you, anyway thanks for the info… 8)

There will be no discount. For $69.99 you get more targeted marketing capability than any other addon/product for cs-cart.

Jessie's point was that it's not exactly expensive…

I want to know if there is that addon for v401 or not?

let me know.



I just want to say that this is an awesome addon. I bought it back in May and installed it on a test store but got too busy with other things to work out the MailChimp side of things (I had been using VerticalResponse and needed to get my list cleaned up and transferred into Mailchimp). Anyway, I finally got around to making the changes the other day and installed this awesome addon. All I can say is WOW! This is totally amazing.

I sent my first campaign out today. I love the face that when customers place orders on my store, if they are already in MailChimp, their profile gets updated if any of their details have changed.

I love that it's almost effortless to maintain a list and send out newsletters with this system.

Major kudos to Tony.

Agree it's a great add-on. I hope if and when cs-cart 4 is ready to be used Tony will upgrade it to make it work with 4! I have 2 licenses but would be happy to buy it again for 4 as I realize upgrading will be quite a job.

yes please release this for v4