V3.0.1 Quantity Discount bug

Hi, found a possible bug in V3.0.1. Checked changelog for V3.0.2, and not mentioned there. I have V3.0.1 Ultimate edition. When I assign quantity discount to products, it works. Bug is:

  • Assign qty discount to items. It works.

  • I go to “Products”,“Products” (Products items in Product tab of admin) in admin. You can now update quantity for multiple products

  • Change quanity of a product on this page, and click “Save”

  • Quantity discounts data gets deleted for updated products.

    All I do is update the product Quantity. But Quantity discount data gets deleted. Can someone confirm this bug?

Sorry for double posting, just posted this on Bug Tracker too. New to CS-Cart, and just discovered the Bug Tracker now. Will post all future bugs there!


We also noticed this problem some time ago and sent to technical support.

This problem is now solved.


Now as in V3.0.2?