V2.0.6 - search results - major bug - showing discount group prices

ok, i just found a major bug!

cs cart v 2.0.6

front end template- toy store

if you use the quick search and leave it blank then hit search it returns all items in the store(which is ok by me)

actually any quick search, with blank field or a key word returns this issue!!!

BUT is shows a discounted price from one of my “membership levels”-VERY BAD!!

if you click on the item for more details or click the add to cart from the search results page, it add the item to the cart with the correct price(which of course is higher)

this issue does not exist if you use the advanced search and leave it blank - it returns the correct price(top level, no discount)

please help!!


I have seen this same problem! I definitely need this bug fixed.

Have you submitted it to Bug Tracker yet?

i have submitted to bug tracker, the issue also exist in the “quick search” as well as the products search block type, i have to hide the quick search so as to avoid this issue, i will look at the code in a few to see if i can find the bad query…

the status in the bug tracker is still unconfirmed!!