V2.0.1 in upgrade center failing

I’ve tried to apply the reported uprgrade package on a couple of demo install so far with the same results.

  1. Upgrade reports that it cannot update the files and prompts for FTP details. Once entered this does then proceed to the next stage.

  2. I then get this error on the next page:

    Warning: ftp_site() [function.ftp-site]: SITE CHMOD command failed. in /home/demoshop99/public_html/controllers/admin/upgrade_center.php on line 726

  3. This page also reports a file that it cannot access:


    I’ve manually set 777 and owner apache on this file and it makes no difference.

  4. It also reports that this file is locally modified:


    I’ve not changed this file and have done a fresh install to confirm this and the error still occurs.

    So far I cannot get the upgrade to apply which is a shame as it appears to have fixes for some of the other bugs we’ve been reporting in other threads.

    Hopefully 2.0.0beta4 will be out very soon with these fixes included AND a working upgrade center!

    In all other respects it’s looking amazing!!! Keep up the good work!


The team is genius. For cs-cart 2.0, I hope they take it longer to add new featues and refine customer experience!!!

Also, can any team member tell me how cs-cart prepare to be all mainstream browser compatible in CSS and no JS conflict when adding new JS functionalities?

Thank you.

Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong, but 2.0 beta 3 isn’t an upgrade it is just a beta. As far as i know there isn’t a upgrade to go from 2.0 beta 2 to 2.0 beta 3 let alone from 1.3.5 sp4 to 2.0 beta x


The upgrade center is NOT for 1.3.x to 2.0, that will be a database only conversion script.

The new upgrade center in 2.0 beta is an online system that connects to CS, tells you that a new version is available, like wordpress.

YOu will be able to upgrade from 2.0 rc2 to 2.0 rc3 soon.

Basically the new upgrade system will copy all new files down to your server and create a backup copy of any files that have been changed. It will also upgrade your database as well.

I dont have all the details so this [SIZE=5]IS NOT OFFICIAL!!![/SIZE] Just my personal impression of what it will/can do.

It will completely eliminate the need for store manager. :slight_smile:

Just to clear up any confusion.

I have a demo install of V2.0beta3

When I log in to the admin it tells me to go to the upgrade center where I am offered an upgrade to V2.0.1. I can see in the files it downloads that a lot of the beta3 problems are fixed… but unfortunately the upgrade center doesn’t work properly for me.

I am not trying to upgrade from beta2 to beta3 and I’m definitely not trying to upgrade from 1.3.5.

I’m just sharing my experience of the beta as I play around with it. Sorry if I confused anyone.


Wow! I had to look for myself after seeing this. Sure enough there is an upgrade to 2.0.1. The actual process was amazingly fast and it even knew what files I had editted. It made a backup of all files being upgraded and then applied the upgrade.

Not sure of any issues (function of the cart) yet though.


I don’t know if the live upgrade center is working 100% yet, I just know its being worked on heavily and how I explained it working is how it “should” work, assuming no bugs.

I think everyone willi agree this online method is 10000% better than the store manager and tells us that CS is trying to implement ideas that us users want.



Since reading this topic, I just leaned about the Upgrade being available. So, I went and looked, sure enough it was there.

The upgrade process is a little confusing at first. I found my self, redoing the perms on the server too to accommodate what I thought it was asking for. In actuality, the first screen after it downloads, it does a perm check, then gives you a list of " changed files", it is not telling you to change the perms. Which I did the first time through, I went through it 3 times before I realized what it was really asking or telling me.

once you get the list of changed files, which gets bigger everytime you go through the Upgrade, without completing. hehe - At any rate, if you look at the lower right hand side of the screen it will have a button that says " Continue" just hit that and follow the prompts after that. Once I actually completed the “upgrade to 2.01” Everything was great.

All the bugs or problems I had prior to this upgrade were fixed. There were several pages that came up blank after a clean install of Beta 3. Now they all work.

The cool thing, about the Upgrade Center. I/we have had to basically ignore this particular part of the CP, since it was not needed. Now it actually has meaning and looks like it will work, so upgrading will not be a such a pain in the rear. I might actually keep my sites up to date with all the updates as they come out now. Since, the Store Manager only worked once for me, a couple of years ago and has not worked since.

So, I for one am getting excited about CS-Cart again,and can’t wait for the stable version to come out, so I can upgrade my site to Vers.2.

Rock On CS-Cart!!


[QUOTE]So, I for one am getting excited about CS-Cart again,and can’t wait for the stable version to come out, so I can upgrade my site to Vers.2.[/QUOTE]

Well said, I am also getting excited about CS-cart Ver 2.0

Rock On CS-Cart!!

I did the upgrade as well through the upgrade center, it did not go well first , it complains about the install folder which I had deleted so I had to upload to the server and the _tools/upgrade/parse.php which was in another folder not the root folder once I moved it to the root folder the upgrade went smoothly although it did say the js/core.js was changed which I did not .So I think there are still few bugs but it works for now.

Now why didn’t I think of that! :smiley:

Finally got the upgrade to work my making a _tools/upgrade folder in the root and copying the parse.php file to it. Thanks for the tip!


The part I struggle with regarding the new upgrade is:

  1. The store is closed during the upgrade.
  2. The upgrade replaces all conflict files in the document root.
  3. The admin has to resolve all conflicts before opening their store, otherwise you get what was distributed versus what might need modification.

    I suggest that the upgrade actually create a new revision, allowing the admin to resolve conflicts between the root and the revision. Then, when the timing is right for the merchant, the can move the revision to the root.

    Otherwise, if someone goes through the upgrade process, they will be offline (or possibly have a site appearance/content they don’t want) until the resolve the conflicts.

    But in concept, an automated upgrade process such as this can be great (as long as it’s controlled to not be too big nor too small).