Using too much bandwith


My provider warned me he will throw my site out of his servers if I do not reduce dramaticaly bandwith usage.

He says he had to move my site onto a dedicated server since mine slowed down the other sites hosted on one of the shared servers.

Bandwith consumtion is rated " astronomical"

I am here for 2-3 years

My trafic is very low

I am not a “specialist” and have not special features installed.

I also deactivated almost every add-on.

Any idea from your side is welcome.

Also cannot find how to contact service desk where I have some leftover support credits.


Are you sure he's using the term Bandwith? That usually refers to HTML output.

My guess is that they really mean file I/O which includes the database activity as well as other file I/O.

Is it possible that you've been hacked so your site is generating data that is not part of your store (under the control of others)?

If he/she are that professional then I recommend you move regardless.

No point hosting on a server that can't account for growth.


Thanks for the answers.

My best guess is the site has been hacked,

Could you please advise how to get in touch with CSCART service desk?

Cannot remember how to access…


Thank you for the link!

Very surprised not having received not even a ticket aknowledgement…after one full working day, even though some support credits are available on my account…

CS-Cart is based in Russia so for a lot of us, they are opposite time zones.