Using ######### To Upgrade

I've tried so many times to upgrade my 4.3.6 site and failed. Problem is probably that I'm on a shared server. When I installed csc in 2016, it was available in cpanel/softaculous but eventually was removed. At that time, I used ######### migration service to migrate from BigCommerce to csc. To make a long story shorter, I've spent many many hours trying to upgrade and failed. I'm now desperate because my hosting company will soon upgrade the MySQL servers to v8.x and csc 4.3.6 will not work with that.

Oddly enough, a fresh install of csc (v4.7.2) on the server runs just fine. I'm assuming the latest version will run fine as well.

So, my question is whether anyone has tried to use ######### migration utility to upgrade from an older version of csc to the latest? If yes, how did it go?

EDIT: I don't know why the shopping cart migration company name was automatically changed to ### but I hope you know what I mean. It's a company that does shopping cart migrations, normally between different shopping cart software.

Shared servers rarely, if even barely have enough resources to run a cart like CS-Cart (or Magento, or any other compiled cart).

Installing is a whole less resource intensive than upgrading where it is backing up and making various restores.

Setting that aside ... using a migration service like Cart 2 Cart may be viable to go from current to a new install in that same environment. It really just depends on how customized your 4.3.6 version is.

​However you'll still wind up with al of this on a temp domain name like since Cart to Cart will not be able to transform the migrated version to production, they just use scripts to move data.

If you are able to complete the last steps like this.. then you should be fine, otherwise yo uneed someone like us .. or another developer on this board.

To be safe you might want to try one of the companies that regularly works on CS cart as they know the probably errors that can happen and what to do to fix them...

Good luck!

Moving the new install from a temp domain to the root shouldn't be too problematic and I use only a couple 3rd party addons. I'll be changing to Stripe payments which will eliminate one of the addons also. The shared server is actually pretty fast and my store is relatively small. I had similar problems upgrading a copy of the site on a local dev site under Windows / WAMP and on an ubuntu vm using VirtualBox.

So, thank you very much for confirming that using Cart 2 Cart is something that is at least worth considering as an alternate way to upgrade. If it fails, I'll definitely consider using a cs-cart pro like FDGWEB.