Using Previewer/Lightbox

Anybody try to use the built-in previewer to display your own page/html/text?

We gave it a shot, but ended up using Shadowbox which we use to display our Terms and Conditions and a Google map store locator. Shadowbox works really well and is very simple to use.

Did you get anywhere with it before going with Shadowbox?

Not really. We didn’t put a lot of effort into it as there are no docs (that we found) on how to use whatever CSC uses to display images in a lightbox. I’ve read CSC heavily modified the JQuery library so their lightbox might be imbedded in the jquery.js somewhere. And I don’t even know if their version will support HTML or PHP pages which Shadowbox does. Maybe there is a way to get it to do so but we didn’t spend a lot of time trying.

Hi Chris,

Are you able to share how you managed to used your shadow box working for the Terms and Conditions on the cart summary?

I’ve been looking how to do this for a while!