Using My_Changes To Override My_Account.tpl

I read several documents and forum topics about template override and using my_changes to control the custom version, however I confess that I am a bit confused about how the folder structure shoud be.

By example, I am trying to override the my_account.tpl that is path:


I tried to overriding creating the following structure:


But seems that is not working. I copied the original file and made changes in file inside the folder on my_changes and the changes doesnt seems to be working in this case. The folder structure is correct or I am missing something?


If you want to override a template, you have to include a directory "overrides" in your add-on structure.

For your example. for file:


The path to overriding file should go like that:


Remember to clean cache after you make a change.

Also, make sure that my_changes add-on is active - by default, it is disabled.

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Thanks! Now it is working. Is necessary to use the override folder in all cases?

I read some topics (maybe outdated) where is said to add the word "override" not as a folder, but as in the own filename.


If you want to override a hook in a tpl file then you use "override" in filename. For example, if the hook's name is "orders:shipping_info" and you want to overwrite it, in the orders directory you create the shipping_info.override.tpl file and write your code with it.

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Please find useful information about overrides here