Using list price for promotions

Currently we are using CS-Cart promotions for our product discounts/offers, but the issue is that there is no front-end page to show all the products that are under promotion (dispatch=promotions.list) just lists the promotions in effect not the products. Whereas dispatch=products.on_sale has a front-end page where all the products are displayed.
I want to continue using list price for our discounts but is there a way to apply discount on list price for a limited time.

I am afraid, there is no easy way to do it. Additional changes in the code of promotions will be required

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I use features for giving quick discounts to products. So if feature X, apply promotion Y. Example: Check a feature of 10% discount, and then the product gets 10% discount.

Then, I use CS-Cart Dynamic Сategories to show all discounted products on the front-end.

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