Using Dreamweaver to mod a skin

Which files do I need to download to use Dreamweaver to mod one of the basic skins that come with CS-Cart 2.4?

All the files in the skins/basic folder? Only some of them? Additional files?


I use dreamweaver to modify all my files. I personally have my entire site installed on my localhost and I have Dreamweaver’s “site” directed to that folder.

It seems that when you go to start modifying a skin you end up editing quite a few files. I find it easier to have my site on my localhost that way I have all the files I might possibly need. It also allow me to test my modifications before going live.

Dreamweaver does a good job since it keeps all the files organized as a “site”, but I haven’t found a way to modify the files in the design mode so I just use the code mode.

I hope this helps,