Using A Response Template - No Enough Room In Backend To Edit Whole Page

Hi guys

I've got a new template for the website, a nice responsive one.

One of the problems I've got is that I don't have enough space in the editor in the backend to fill the space on the website. See the screenies below.

Any suggestions guys?


it looks like a width limit in TPL files of responsive theme (not in editor). Please provide URL so we could check it.

best regards,

WSA team

Try to switch to the source mode and check if the table has fixed width

the table doesnt have a fixed width.

URL is www dot digitalsave dot come -

Thanks guys

sorry, not dot com dot co dot uk

I've added a CSS rule to auto width the table and it seems to have done the trick.

However, it doesnt seem like the best solution to get the most out of the area I have availble.