Using 2 different style sheets for sections (news,home page,pages etc)


I currently doing a custom design based on the basic template. I pretty much have it all done using hooks and customizations. The only thing I need is for some pages to have the left an right column and some to have just the left column with the main column taking up the rest of the page. I actually have it working for 2 different style sheets if I manually switch them. I am just not sure how to get both style sheets to work with the correct sections eg. style sheet 1 for news, style sheet 2 for home page.

I just thought someone might know easily if there is the some way I can do:

if (news or pages) then

use style sheet 2


use style sheet 1.

I have a with my own style sheet changes and if I could have an if in there so it selects a style sheet based on what section it is on that would be perfect but I’m not sure if that is the correct way to do it.


This works:

{if $controller == ‘news’ || $controller == ‘pages’}