Uservoice Vote - Manual Shipping: Boxes And Dimensional Weight

Please consider voting for Manual Shipping Methods with Boxes and Dimensional Weight.
  • - Manually add and configure multiple box sizes in shipping methods.
  • - Ability to customise the Volumetric Divisor used for calculating the dimensional weight.
This will hopefully also help to champion CS-Cart to further investigate and understand more about the need for dimensional weight in today's global shipping environment.
The last UserVoice for multi-box shipments and dimensional weight was marked as completed in Feb 2011 by imac for v2.1.3 however that is only for vendor specific real-time shipping.
Please vote here:

Maybe I am missing something but why do you need weights and dimensions for manual shipping? Isn't manual shipping basically a flat rate that you enter? Weights and dimensions are used for calculating the rate from real time shippers. What would it be used for in manual shipping?

This thread has some great DIM discussions:
Flat rate is what it is. It should be possible to use CS-Cart without the need to use one of the eight real-time options on offer as they are not always applicable to everyone, and it looks like UPS is currently a one box broken gesture anyways.
There is the option of commissioning a developer to implement alternative real-time shippers but with the current functionality of shipping methods, what would be the point.

We can develop this modification, but it will be rather costly, from USD 1200

We are also at your server. Cost depends on your requirements and will be discussed. Feel free to contact us