Users Can't Add To Cart Or Sign-In


We’re running 3.0.6 Pro on Linux/Apache.

Our SSL certificate expired and after we installed a new one, users can no longer add items to a cart or log in to their accounts.

Users get no error messages and there are no errors reported in the log.

The admin pages (which do not require SSL) are not affected.

I have cleared the CS-Cart and browser caches.

We also run Twigmo - interestingly Twigmo users can add to cart and log in.

I assume the problem is related to our SSL certificate somehow, but SSL Checker reports no issues.

[url=“SSL Checker”][/url]

Anyone have any ideas that might help? We appreciate any suggestions as our store is effectively down and customer have to call to place orders.


PS: I also tried turning off the SSL requirement in the General Settings, but users still can add to cart or log in.

Hi sounds like you have the cert installed wrong get your host to install for you