Usergroups Status Unchecked By Default

Under the Admin section - Customers - Usergroups - status… I don’t understand why CS-Cart doesn’t make these unchecked by default.

In version 4.1.2 I had these checkboxes (among others) disabled by default by editing the code in:

  • Design/backend/templates/views/usergroups/update.tpl
  • Design/backend/templates/views/profiles/update.tpl

    I just removed ‘checked=“checked”’.

    But now the code seems to have changed and I can no longer find the code that makes these checkboxes unchecked by default.

    Can anyone help me find a solution?


Found the solution. Apparently it never changed, I just wrote down the wrong location in my “CS-Cart changes” notes.


Find this line:

Remove: checked=“checked”.