Usergroup Id For Class

I need to add the Administrator Usergroup ID to an html class like this:

class="main-wrap group-6"

How would I get the group #? I previously did something similar with category ID and it works great, but I can't seem to get group ID to work.

Any help appreciated.

To get a "group-N" for all of the groups an admin is a member of use:

class="main-wrap{" group-"|implode:$auth.usergroup_ids}"

Which should result in something like:

class="main-wrap group-6 group-8"

if the user is a member of groups 6 and 8.



Implode is what I was missing (duh - it's an array - and I am so not a programmer LOL). Makes total sense now. That was a huge help!

No problem... Have fun.