User profile field incorrect data


Please help,

When i make a new user profile field with data type “input field” and i introduce something like “J40/123/123” i receive an error :

Warning: mktime() expects parameter 5 to be long, string given in /home/sites/…/public_html/core/fn.common.php on line 1441.

I think that it perceives it as a date and that’s the problem.

Any ideas?


Apparently, CS-Cart thinks it is a date input field. Check that the field in text.

it doesn’t work with the field set as “input field” or as “textarea”.


Looks like a bug.

Salut Mircea,

Si eu am aceasi problema si o am doar de la actualizarea la 2.1. Se pare ca e un bug. L-ai raportat? sau il raportez eu?