User not Logging in after the Updates and the wish list


Anyone available to assist? Since updating to CS-Cart 4.18, users are encountering login issues on certain pages, such as the homepage. Additionally, after logging in, when navigating to other pages, users are automatically logged out. Furthermore, the Wishlist and Compare features are not functioning properly.

check if they have the same problem after the browser cache deleted.

check also if your webserver cache or CDN have something cached and delete it.

Thank You for your answer. I already clear my browser cache. And I open also into 3 browsers.
And also delete the CDN. I also do add timing for user session. Any Idea can fix the problem?

rename the var/cache directory maybe

Thank you for your response. I have already done so. However, the problem still persists. Even the firewall cache was cleared.

See the note here regarding older php versions that can lead to log in problems

Thank you. I will read this article.