User Group Based Listing Price And Different Taxes Per Product

Hi guys, new here, hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

I'm attempting to create a store for a client, selling products to people in China, but sourcing their products from different areas around the world.

I am thinking to add a new feature in the product details that would allow me to add a different listing price based on a user group, and the option to add additional user group pricing in the future if new user group/memberships are created.

Does this feature already exist, and am I not seeing it? Or is there a plugin/add-on that can do this?

We can also use the promotions, but that would require them to add at this time 2 promotions per product, and up to 2,000 more promotions if a new membership level is added.

Secondly, is there a way to adjust the taxes charged per product even though it is all from the same vendor?

My client is selling everything directly, but needs to have a different tax rate depending on where the product is coming from.

1) Yes, this exists. Just use the Quantity discount feature and have them set for quantity 1 and different price for different groups.

Our EZ Manage Discounts addon can make this pretty easy for you.

2) Taxes are usually based on the buyer's address (destination). Hence taxing by supplier doesn't make sense and usually (since it's a business purchase), those transactions are tax exempt.