User Data Has Changed And Cant Download User Names And Addresses

Hi there, I downloaded user details last week for mail chimp and now need to download again but dont seem to have the option to do this anymore. everything seems to have changed. Was there a update to cs cart?

Would anyone know could I can now download user names and addresses?

Many thanks in Advance, would really appreciate any advice


If you upgraded the store recently, try to upgrade up to service pack 2

Hi there, thankyou for replying so quickly.

No I didnt upgrade it. Checking to see if the developer did. I thought I had attached this image but this is what I am seeing.

Does it look as if it has been upgraded? I would need to contact the cs cart help desk to upgrade the service pack 2. Plus staff will be working on the website till 1am UK time tonight, processing orders. Could that still be done if that is the case?

many thanks


Sorry my mistake, I should have selected Export data, I selected Import which is why it looks different.

apologies for any inconvenience.

Many thanks for your help