User Creation Date Issue

I came into this project well into it. Customers were imported from a previous store front. I also updated from the version they were using which was 2.something to now running 4.3.1. The customers that were imported are showing whatever the current date and time is on the back end under the "Registered date". When i go into the customer details page i get the following error across the top of the page: "Notice: Undefined index: profile_id in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 74"

The fn.users.php file has the following contents on line 72-74:

        if (empty($profile_data)) {
            $profile_data = db_get_row("SELECT * FROM ?:user_profiles WHERE user_id = ?i AND profile_type = 'P'", $user_data['user_id']);
            $profile_id = $profile_data['profile_id'];

Can you please help me resolve this issue so the customers can have a created date and the client will be able to sort customers by date and see who the new customers are?

Thank you in advance.

I'm getting a similar message in my php error log.

HP Notice:  Undefined index: profile_id in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/store/public/app/functions/fn.users.php on line 73

On the admin side however checking Customers it shows the Registered date no problem.

So I'm not sure why the error is being created or what problem it's causing.

Please make sure that the cscart_user_profiles table has the profile_id field. If not, add it manually

Via phpMyAdmin I went to cscart_user_profiles table and profile_id column is definitely there.

The php error log timestamps seem to be matching up with the CS-Cart Logs when there's these events.

Requests (http/https request)
Request: 'dispatch=product_updates.check_


So is it actually CS-Cart calling home and checking for updates/License status that's causing the errors?

I have always had Settings > General > Check for updates automatically > UNTICKED so I don't get nagged about new versions.

Looks like this request validates your license and not used for providing information about new CS-Cart versions.

I've got a QA install, same version as my active website and using the same CS-Cart license number.

It's showing the same events (successfully validating the license) in the CS-Cart logs, yet there are no errors in the php log.

I don't understand why it's doing it on one and not the other.

As a test I've deleted the license on my QA site and set it to trial mode to see what happens.