Use Registration Form In Website

Hi all,

I am pretty new to CS-Cart, normally using Magento, and I am struggeling a bit with the website builder (dispatch=pages.add).

How can I add the registration and/or login form on a page? I only found the normal form-builder, but I need the registration form on multiple pages.

And related question - I know how to add/remove fields from the registration form - but how can I split the form on multiple pages? Only with jQuery and display none/block different divs? Perhaps you can point me to the right template/php file to do that (Theme: Modern).

Thank you!


Actually the form builder module is not linked with the registration form. If the Settings -> General -> Quick registration option is enabled, the registration is split into 2 forms:

Quick registration:

and Edit profile:

List of profile fields can be edited on the Administration -> Profile fields page