US-based CS-Cart developer

I have an existing yahoo store that I wish to convert into CS-Cart. I don't need designs. I have all the current html/css/jquery - just need integration and potentially some custom work on features not available by default.

No offense to the many talented non-US providers here but for this project, I prefer someone based in the US. Just works better for me from time zone perspective and in the case I need to pick up the phone with you. If you are a US-developer, please message me or reply here and I can provide more details.


Hello dccheng!

If you are looking for a US-based developer, please have a look here [url=“”][/url] The guy who represents this company is active on CS-Cart forums and gives useful advises to CS-Cart users. Can't say more because we haven't worked with this company personally.

Our company also offers CS-cart development services but we are based in Russia. Of course no offence, you are just looking for a comfortable solution, it's all right. I just want to say that CS-Cart itself is a product developed by a Russian company. And exactly in Russia there are lots of CS-Cart specialists. For example, we have several developers in our team who first worked in the original CS-Cart company, they know this cart professionally and teach our new developers the CS-Cart principles and standards of coding. So, if you happen to change your mind, you are always welcome!

Best regards, Alt-team

I can personally vouch for Alt-Team (Im based in Australia) they have done countless jobs for us over the years and they really know their stuff. Always polite and communicative too.