Url Indexing Incorrectly

We have recently discovered that google is not indexing our products under the URLs which we have selected. Hopefully someone can tell us why this has happened!

I have attached 3 screenshots showing what I am talking about.

For the cs cart back end screenshot (below), you can see that the main category is set as outdoor jackets, with secondary categories as jack wolfskin jackets and clearance. It has been this way since the day i added this product.

[attachment=8417:back end.jpg]

In the google search results screenshot (below) the url of the product doesn't come up… Instead it says Outdoor Jackets next to a strange arrow. Does any one know what this means and if it has any impact on SEO???

[attachment=8420:search results.jpg]

Lastly when you actually click that link in the search results and follow the URL you can see what happens in the product page screenshot (below). The url at the top is /clearance/product-name, so it is actually choosing one of the secondary categories for the one that it indexes in google results. You can also still see that the breadcrumb is pointing to outdoor jackets as the main category.

[attachment=8418:product page.jpg]

Why has it chosen the secondary category as the one to index in google and how can we remedy this??? Thank you in advance.


The Tog Store

back end.jpg

product page.jpg

search results.jpg